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The artist Jessie T. Wolf, a self-portrait of herself and a non-anthro version of her fursona.
Jessie T Wolf at Howloween 2008

Jessica Maia Albee (born July 16, 1982), known by the pseudonym Jessie T. Wolf, is a female Canadian (mixed heritage) furry artist from Toronto, Ontario. Her character is a dark chocolate colored female wolf-dog (black Canadian timber wolf, and German Shepherd Dog).

She was one of the Guests of Honor at Furry Weekend Atlanta 2005, along with Fel.


Jessie was born in Montreal, Quebec, but her family moved to Toronto, ON when she was just a young pup. Jessie has lived most of her life in Toronto, until her recent move to Squamish, BC in March of 2007, with her husband at the time, Timothy Albee. Since that time, Jessie has moved an additional four times in the last two years - London England, Michigan, Vancouver, and now she is settling in Surrey, BC, where she resides at "The Dog House" with her BF Torwin, and roommates Jack, Sairys Wolf, Lemony, Ember, Yuro and Haloth.


Jessie's love for dogs has resulted in many years spent working at various animal shelters, grooming salons, kennels, doggie daycares and veterinary clinics. She has also done a lot of rescue and foster work, and has helped place many dogs into loving homes. Jessie recently received her certification to be an obedience trainer, and works full time in Vancouver. It was her love for her last dog, a little black and white Pit Bull mix named Zena, who inspired Jessie to become a trainer (and is also the reason why she now has a soft spot in her heart for Bull and Mastiff breeds).

The Artist[edit]

Jessie has been drawing animal-themed art since she could pick up a pencil, and has always had a fondness for canines. New art from Jessie T. Wolf can now be found on Fur Affinity. Her art tools of choice are color pencils, and digital coloring in Photoshop. As a result of the frequent moves and a brief career change, (gone from animation, back into animal services) Jessie has been out of the Furry scene for the last couple of years, and has not been as active at conventions, and with her artwork as she would like to be. Jessie is no longer open for commissions, and is making a strong effort to finish up her 3-year backlog of owed artwork. Jessie is also making a comeback to Furry, and making the change from being chained to a Dealer's Table, to being more socially active and now enjoying Fursuiting!

The Fursuiter[edit]

In 2006, Jessie commissioned Latin Vixen to make a full Jessie Fursuit. Unfortunately, due to constant relocation, the Jessie suit spent close to two years in storage, until just recently. In the summer of 2008, Jessie officially began fursuiting again, and attended Howloween 2008, her first time fursuiting at a con since Anthrocon 2006. Jessie has since gone to Further Confusion 2009, and All Fur Fun 2009 in the Jessie suit.

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