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JessK, by herself

JessK (born April 19, 1984) is a furry artist and fursuiter who lives in Pennsylvania. Her fursona is a jaguar. Prior to the fall of 2003, her fursona was named Jagu.

JessK sells her art through her company, Black Jaguar Arts. The website has been inactive since 2007. In addition to occasional commissions (usually taken at conventions she visits, including Mephit Furmeet, Anthrocon, and sometimes Midwest FurFest), she also sells prints of artwork involving many characters she has developed along with the fursonas of some of her furry friends.

Outside the fandom, JessK was formerly a self-described animal rights activist, having been a vegan and one of the main and most vocal supporters for Furries Against Fur. She reverted to a meat-eating lifestyle in 2008. She has also been a strong supporter of the movement to enact anti-smoking legislation.


Denton is a black wolf with secondary white coloring with his trademark blue goatee; his pattern makes him look like a husky, which he's often mistaken for. He appears in a lot of JessK's artwork, and is arguably one of her most well-known characters alongside Snow the husky.

Other characters include Bailey the border collie mutt, Catlynn the cat, ChaoticEvil the fox, Cupcake the fox, Easter the rabbit, Ember the husky, Ginger the raccoon, Kitu the fox, Snap the skunk, Spark the husky, Sunspot the jaguar, Teddy the red panda, and Twig and Leaf the fennec foxes.

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