Jermaal Pan Pavane

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Jermaal Pan Pavane gazes at Jonni Future

Jermaal Pan Pavane "the Para-Man" is a 2-legged alien-cheetah. Jermaal appears in Tom Strong's Terrific Tales as the assistant/guide of Jonni Future (aka Jonni Ray), who he calls the Mistress.

Jermaal has shown an attraction to Jonni.

The first time was in page 2 of "Moth-Women of the Myriad Moons" story inside Tom Strong's Terrific Tales #2. Jonni puts on her costume and Jermaal gazes at Jonni with his tongue hanging out.

In the issue #7 of the same magazine, it is shown that his utmost 'secret desire' is to have sex with Jonni.

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