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Jellofurs by kei
A Jellofur is an Inanimorph fur that's made of Gelatin, Gummi, or other similar man-made edible substances.

Like most gelatin, Jellofur characters are clear, jiggle when poked, and occasionally may express fears of being eaten. Occasionally jellofurs with fruit, things they've eaten or other suspended objects inside of them are seen, though this is seldom.

Typically the backstory on a jellofur involves magic, not science, and often they are seen as fantasy or comedy characters. Occasionally the edible nature of jello furs leads to vore situations, though most commonly any being eaten in-character is played up for comedic purposes.

Jellofurs in popular culture[edit]

Perhaps the most well-known portrayal of jellofurs are the Neopets that live in Jelly World, or have been zapped into a jelly neopet by the lab ray.