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This article is about the video game character. For other uses of "Jazz", see Jazz.
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Jazz Jackrabbit, from Jazz Jackrabbit 2.

Jazz Jackrabbit is the eponymous hero in a series of cartoonish run and gun games who used to be Epic Games' mascot. He was created by Cliff Blezinski and Arjan Brusee.


Jazz was thought up in late 1993. The original plan was to make him an astronaut, but by that time, the space theme was so overused in video games that it was decided something else should be done, so Jazz instead became a green rabbit.


Jazz Jackrabbit is a 3'1", 90-pound anthropomorphic green rabbit. Strictly speaking, his surname, Jackrabbit, implies that he is a hare, but "hare" and "rabbit" are used interchangeably in the game. He comes from the planet Carrotus, and is a cross between Rambo and Bugs Bunny. He also has a red younger brother named Spaz, who seems to have a mental illness, and a lovely yellow older athletic sister named Lori. Together, they face the evil forces of Devan Shell, a nerdy, but vengefully sinister mad scientist turtle. Other than that, Jazz is in love with, and eventually marries the lovely Eva Earlong. His favorite food is carrot pizza, and his favorite book is Watership Down. His catchphrase is "When you're a little rabbit, carry a BIG GUN!". He carries a gun called the LFG-2000.

Jazz in other games[edit]

  • Jazz, along with Eva and Devan, made a cameo in One Must Fall: 2097, which was developed by Diversions Entertainment and published by Epic Games, in single-player tournament mode. Each character piloted a fighting mech that was suited to their individual personalities.
  • A crossover is also seen in Tyrian, which referred to their previous starship-piloting game Solar Winds, as well as a reference to OMF:2097.
  • Jazz Jackrabbit has also appeared in a number of fan-made games.

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