Jazz Jackrabbit (video games)

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Jazz Jackrabbit is a video game series involving the Jazz Jackrabbit character.


Carrotus is a planet from the Jazz Jackrabbit universe.

Carrotus is the homeplanet of Jazz Jackrabbit, Spaz Jackrabbit, Lori Jackrabbit, Eva Earlong, and other rabbits. Jazz's arch-nemesis, Devan Shell, a turtle, is always thinking up ways to take over Carrotus. It is seemingly orange in color, and has lots of vegetables growing on it. Just as Sonic the Hedgehog is the hero of Mobius, similarily, Jazz Jackrabbit is the hero of Carrotus.

In the games[edit]

  • In the first game, Devan Shell kidnapped Eva in order to conquer Carrotus.
  • In the second game, Devan Shell tried to rewrite Carrotus' history.
  • In the third cancelled game, Devan Shell rules the future of Carrotus with an iron fist.