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Jaymzee Bernard, also known as Jaymzeecat, or just Jaymz (born October 28, 1978[1] in Mossup, Connecticut, USA), is a full-time artist and comic writer who lives in Portland, Oregon.


Bernard attended the Norwich Free Academy in Connecticut. Inspired by some of her favorite movies and cartoons, she pursued a higher education in animation but did not complete her degree.

She identifies as ace/panromantic and polyamorous, is a vegan, and has several rescued housecats.


Jaymzeecat's fursona is a yellow-striped housecat.


Bernard developed an interest in drawing and comics during her childhood, often creating her own characters.

She is a full-time professional visual artist and comic writer, supported by her Patreons and commission works. Her portfolio includes a variety of original characters (OCs), including Vincent, Ben, Cooper, Carter, Kojiro, Manny, Kirin, Titus, Baxter, and others. She is also known for her work in many fandoms including but not limited to Stardew Valley, Mr. Osomatsu, and the furry fandom.

Her work is characterized by candid storytelling, organic character development, and an expressive visual style. Bernard's art often incorporates elements that reflect her interests in inflation, chubby tummies and poly identity.


Bernard is working on several comics, Willem, Devil Spy, Chunky Skunk, and Wings Over Hyrule, and has completed other two comic series, Split Screen and Arrowhead


Bernard's early interest in the The Garfield Show greatly influenced her artistic direction. She also expresses an extreme fondness for fictional characters, namely Disney's Roger Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and Dale from Chip 'n' Dale, among many others.


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