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Jayden Tacoma, also known as Jayden Is a furry fan born in 1994 and raised in Malaysia.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Jayden knew about the fandom and followed the art community since 2019. Though he doesn’t give many interests that time. But he still offered himself a chance to try Furry Amino and get himself involved in 2019. He left amino 10 months after due to drama. And attempted to give furry Twitter a try in 2020 with another twist. But it all went down the same like furry amino in 2021. So instead he pursued his own dreams to become a Junior Sales Advisor at dealerships. Failed again. But he never gives up. And now. He’s keeping his mechanic job and making it full time and he’ll continue being a freelancer and a freelancing driver on pursuing his dreams, even more, to be on car events more often at other countries and drive more exotic cars and meeting VVIP’s or celebrities that he always dreamed of since 13 years ago. And that dream came true in 2022 after covid and real drama hit him hard


Jayden didn't have a set fursona that time when he joined the furry fandom. So he decided to check to fully experience the fandom first. He created Jayden Tacoma 4 months after. Though he doesn’t have a fursuit yet. But that doesn’t matter. You don’t need a fursuit to be a furry

Characteristics and personality[edit]

Jayden back then is very strict and smart and intelligent because he cannot live the way he wanna live due to strict parents rules. His parents want him to be smart and never let him have freedom until he graduated. But after he graduated he is very playful, funny, and very loving. Often aggressive and angry but he only does that when people treat him rude or do bad things to him. He’s also currently diagnosed with ADHD, Autism, and Depression


Jayden likes cars in general. Though he also likes food, magic and tricks, pranks sometimes and talking about his fursona a lot. But sometimes he can talk about stuff like healthy lifestyle or how to keep yourself fit and so. Jayden also likes video games in general though he rarely talks about or plays them. But when he got the chance to he will


Jayden often put some of his socials with a GDI behind. What does that mean? That means gasoline direct injection in cars. If you wanna know further. I think it’s better you go research that yourself. But sometimes GDI means Gay, Direct, and Intelligent in the furry fandom. GDI can also mean Good, Disciplined, and Interesting as what their friends thought he is that is true

The red scars on the eyes simplifies the hardwork and torture he had been through throughout his life. It inspired from the red TRD logo on the Tacoma TRD Pro. But instead of embroidering the TRD into his fur. He rather wants it on the eyes as scars. So it looks way cooler

Jayden’s fursona colours if most people can tell it’s from a Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro. The colour of it is Blue, and Black with Red TRD logo’s embroidered on the car. But to make his sona unique. He decided to go for metallic everything so it looks shinier

Jayden has a Hybrid Synergy System from a Toyota Prius because it was needed to power the engine underneath him and to give him a speed or walking or running boost at some cases. Yes I never mentioned about the engine underneath him but it’s a long story. The engine is heavy so with the help of the battery. It helps him runs faster than a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ and some more unique sports cars. Despite the 3.5 Naturally Aspirated V6 from a Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro along with a Hybrid Battery. But that still keeps him the same weight as Jayden in real life. Yes he does have carbon fibre. That’s why he can run so fast. Towing capacity is nearly the weight of millions of Boeing 777’s in a row being pulled

Jayden’s belly and some parts of his paws and legs and tail is black because it works for a purpose. Black absorbs sunlight. It works as a solar panel too to charge the battery. Since he doesn’t have a plug anywhere to charge. Once the battery is full. He can do literally anything that no one can do. Immortal basically. Because Jayden had an engine inside him, his tail is hiding a titanium TRD exhaust along with another titanium quad exhaust from a Kia Stinger. So 5 exhaust pipes underneath his tail. It’s lightweight to him so he can carry them. The fumes are barely to be seen and the exhaust noise is barely even heard by people. So Jayden had a good NVH(Noise, Vibration and Harshness) levels

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