Jaycatt Nico

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Jaycatt Nico

Jaycatt Nico is a character from the virtual world Second Life.

Jaycatt is a furry live musician who primarily focuses on acoustic piano, with occasional music played on melodica.

Jaycatt is a domestic Siamese cat, courtesy of Luskwood Creatures. He is often seen playing alongside his friend Frogg Marlowe. Together, they have formed a group called "Effinjay" (also known as "F & J"). They have played almost exclusively in Second Life since July 2005.

Convention attendance[edit]

Jaycatt has been attending conventions, mainly in the west coast US area, since 2006. He regularly attends RainFurrest in SeaTac, WA and Biggest Little Fur Con in Reno, NV.

Name origins[edit]

Jaycatt's real first name is Jon, and his father used to tease him by referencing a popular brand of cat litter "Johnny Cat". The name was shortened to J-Cat, then J-Catt, and finally Jaycatt. The last name "Nico" was obtained after joining Second Life and having to choose a last name from a predetermined list. Jaycatt thought "neko" was pronounced "knee-co" and chose Nico as his last name, due to the relation to cats.

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