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Jaxson Otter (also known as JOtter86; born January, 1986) is a furry born from Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.A. His primary fursona is Jaxson Otter. Which is an Northwest Missourian River Otter. He has two other alts both coming from his experiences from his life. He has a wereotter by the name of Obsidian Lutra from his stress of his current life. And has plans to make a gryphon fursona only for art.

Real life[edit]

In real life, Jaxson attends Northwest Missouri State University. As of June, 2008, he is working on his bachelor of science in Journalism with a Minor in Advertising. He also works for the Northwest Missourian, the university's newspaper, as the Online Content Editor. Jaxson really hating living in Maryville, Missouri because of being close to his family. With the ongoing stresses put on his family, Jaxson is in the process of finishing his last semester at Northwest and in looking to finish his education at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, Illinois.

He is in the process of getting a suit commissioned and also hopefully debut Jaxson Otter Version one at MFF 2009.

Jaxson Otter Backstory[edit]

The backstory of the character came from his experiences as a Boy Scout growing up. Jaxson is an Eagle Scout and also apart of the Tribe Of Mic-O-Say where the first thought of Jaxson came out.

Jaxson Otter is a Northwest Missourian River Otter. The folklore has been long gone since the fire of the Administration building fire in 1979. Current folklore shows history of this rare species of river otter wandering the campus of Northwest Missouri State University near the dormitories of South Complex and has been seen running around J.W. Jones Student Union and has even been shown wandering the basement of Wells Hall near the current location of the student newspaper Northwest Missourian.

J-Storm Productions[edit]

Currently Jaxson is starting his own logo production company to get is name out in the market. Graphics and animations has always been in his niche and often can be considered as semi-professional. J-Storm Productions, the name comes from the Marvel Comics character from the Fantastic Four comic book character Human Torch. He wants to continue this on as a career or, if not that, as a side project.

Waystation FurCon[edit]

Jaxson Otter was listed as "Operations 2nd" for Waystation FurCon, a convention proposed for 2013 in Illinois, U.S.A.[1]


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