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JaxHusky is a furry artist, and has been involved in furry fandom since 2006, calling himself a furry in 2009. His fursona is a Canadian blue husky. It has been suggested that JaxHusky is the person behind the Fur Affinity user Heartz. [1]


JaxHusky was accused of tracing several images from fellow artists using the Heartz Bing Cherry alias. JaxHusky/Heartz was warned by FA administrators on such behavior, and later banned:[2]

Admin Notice: This user has been banned for repeated instances of art theft and tracing without referencing per the Fur Affinity Art Theft rules

It is being implied that JaxHusky is one of the first people to be banned per [3][citation needed]


FA administrators also banned user SkilletSushi account with the following reason:[4]

This User has been permanently banned for being a ban evasion account for heartz / jaxhusky


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