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A debonair Jasper Wallace at his RBW debut

Jasper Wallace, also known as Topher, Gazongola and Clam Soup, is a fursuiter and fursuit maker who lives in Birmingham, England.[1]


Jasper Wallace's interests include science fiction, pirates, musicals, good films, and good living.

He is involved in LARPing, prop making, and by day works in the heady world of banking. Jasper is also a part-time model, and a keen vocalist. He has also been described as an "anthropomorphic megaphone", due to his ability to shout rather loudly.[2]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Jasper has been a regular at the Birmingham Furmeets, for some years since about 2008. He started out by attending the twice-monthly coffee meets, and helped the rise of the monthly Saturday meets. He has also been known to attend the occasional LondonFurs meet.

In 2015, he made his first steps into the world of furry convention staffing, by volunteering for ConFuzzled's theming department, and in 2016, progressed to the position of crew, in the same department, and continues to do so, helping any way he can, to give back to the community that he has been a part of for so long.

Always looking out for friends, new and old, Jasper has been an active participant in the furry fandom for a number of years. He continues to do so and has great pride for all that it has achieved, on an organized and personal level.


Jasper's fursona, a fennec fox, is a veritable gentleman and very proper, who is an African explorer and hunter, and is (almost) always well-dressed.


Jasper's fursuit was built by himself under his Clam Soup moniker and debuted at RBW 2010,[3],but has since been retired.

Jasper has plans to build a new fursuit, using a new character.

Convention/meet attendance[edit]

(*) Staff
(**) Fursuit debut


Jasper appeared on ITV2's OMG! with Peaches Geldof, on March 09, 2011.(Video: Part 1, Part 2)


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