Jasper (wolf)

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Jasper, Art by Jaga Grey Fox.

Jasper, also known as Jaz (born May 7, 1994 in Wilmington, Delaware, USA), is a furry fan who lives in Pennsylvania.

Jasper lived in Claymont, Delaware until 1999, when he moved across the state line into Boothwyn, Pennsylvania to attend Garnet Valley School District.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Jasper first started attending furmeets when he was 15, the first being Delaware Furbowl 15. He is a member of the Pennsylvania Furries.


Jasper's fursona is a gay male wolf standing at 5 feet, 9 inches (1.7 meters), weighing at 190 pounds (86 kilograms), His fur patter is white and blue, with grey paws and ear tips, and a 3 feet (91.4 centimeters) tail.

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