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Jason Turner is a Canadian comic book creator and self-publisher, born in Manitoba and living in Vancouver, British Columbia.[1].

Works with furry content[edit]

Graphic novels
  • Vinegar #21 ("Stories 2004-2010") includes
    • Alley Cats (2010): a surreal tale about a girl, her anthro female house cat Mittens (aka Mitsy) and an anthro male cat named Boots whose wanderings include going into a tree and drinking in a business named Crowbar. Making 1st published appearance in #21.
    • With Pig's Eyes: Starts with a person wearing a pig mask ("My grampa made this for protection . And vision.") showing someone else around a little of their grandparents house and the land around the main character's childhood home Previously published in either You Ain’t No Dancer, Don’t Touch Me or Taddle Creek.
    • untitled surreal story about two humans and an aggressive anthro rooster.
    • and five other stories.[clarify]


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