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Jason Nienau is the Chief Operating Officer of the Duhamel Corporation in K. M. Hirosaki's series Blue Forest. He is also the First Executive Assistant to Geoffrey Duhamel, the corporation's Chief Executive Officer.

Nienau is an ocelot in his late 30's, and is currently assigned to the Duhamel Building, the corporation's headquarters in Blue Forest, which is currently under construction. The full extent of his duties is not known, but he appears to have a high degree of autonomy in his decision-making for the project itself.

He was present during a raid by the Blue Forest Police on the Duhamel Building, but neither he nor the corporation itself seem to have been targets of the attack; rather, the police strike force appeared to have been after a number of criminal figures, including Innokenty Ural.

Nienau also has a romantic and sexual relationship with Collin Middendorf, his Assistant Director of Projects. He has also been sexually involved with Kawa Uzuki on more than one occasion (including at least once before the current storyline).

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Blue Forest by K.M. Hirosaki