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Jasmine Okami, who goes by the preferred name of Jassi (born November 17th, 1991)[1], is a female furry artist and craft maker who lives in Kingsport, Tennessee, U.S.A.[2] Jassi runs a religious and occult blog on Tumblr where she goes by the name The Metallic Mare[3], using this space to serve as an academic source on Yokai and Shinto.

Jassi on Secondlife

Jassi has two different fursonas. The first, a bionic horse that shares the name "Jassi"[4], is black and orange with white striping and a white stomach, ginger and black mane with a white streak in the front, bionic legs starting at the thigh and bionic arms. Her second fursona is a demonic Sergal known as "Nameless"[5], that is black with red stripes, horns, and tentacles. Jassi also has multiple characters that she includes in various stories she has written on her Tumblr, Nanuka a white kitsune, and Umbra[6] who is a ginger Sergal.

Jassi owns a craft and art store called "Bionic Equine Creations"[7] that specializes in commissions versus keeping things in stock. Due to an incident of art theft on DeviantArt on her now defunct account, she currently does not have artwork posted for public viewing, but plans to start uploading stuff in the future. Jassi is most well known for making yarn tails, the most widely known being a blue tail owned by Fayroe of FurCast which was unboxed on the show's 93rd episode[8]. Jassi specializes in traditional artwork and yarn crafts, but also creates religious jewelry and chain mail pieces on request.

Jassi is the owner and creator of the Bal'Halarax[9] world and a number of different species, the first publicly introduced creature being the Doxiren[10] species. As of now, information for Bal'Halarax is limited, for Jassi is writing a book for this world and does not want to give too much information to the public before the book is published[11].

Misc Facts[edit]
  • Jassi spends her extra time on Second Life in active roleplay with other people, and she is know for assisting new people with using Second Life and various tutorials.[12].
  • Jassi is known for her gift to Mattox on FurCast of a piece of raw sapphire, which was unboxed on episode 108[13].


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