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Jar'ard by Sterne Evans.

Pitón Peludo, also known as Un Pitón or Jar'ard Ganesvoort, (born 1991) is a furry and scalie, originally finding the fandom in late 2006.

As of 2008, Pitón is attending the Missouri Academy, an early enrollment college program for Juniors in high school based on the Northwest Missouri State University campus. He is currently enrolled for his second, and final, year.


Pitón's has created two fursonas while involved in the fandom. His primary choice is a Green Tree Python of an anthro stature, rather than of taking the form of a Naga.

Upon entering the fandom, he initially chose a green Wyvern dragon named Jar'ard Ganesvoort. Being the first anthropomorphic image he had drawn, Pitón keeps Jar'ard around for sentimental reasons.

Background Details[edit]

Pitón found the furry fandom sometime in late 2006 when he was browsing the internet for an image of a giraffe. Upon seeing an anthropomorphic giraffe, he weaved through several links and found his first information about the furry fandom. Throughout the following months, Pitón researched more in depth, learning about the diversity and details the fandom has to offer. It wasn't until May 2007 that he tried drawing in the anthropomorphic style - Jar'ard was the outcome.[1] Over the summer of 2007, he became very social in furry Facebook groups, learning even more about furriness, such as Fur Affinity. In August, he registered for a profile on the furry art site.

Furry Contributions[edit]

Although Pitón has attempted to draw furries, it seems that his contrebutions to still media have halted. Even now, most of his drawings still in the sketch form. At one point, Pitón attempted to produce a webcomic entitled Nafural Selection.[2] It has a storyline that coincides with his life at the Missouri Academy, altered with anthropomorphic characters. Motivation came for its creation by the Academy's Newspaper, as they were in need of a comic strip. The publication in the newspaper was thwarted, since the newspaper only turned out to be more like a newsletter, and the Academy's strong adherence to a policy of IQ (abbreviation for "Integrity and Quality") caused for the comic to be limited to a bland storyline.[3]

He has also written a narrative essay on the furry fandom for his English Composition class at Northwest Missouri State Univerity. The essay outlines the importance of the fandom to human morality, as well as eliminates common misconceptions about the fandom by mainstream media.[4]


On September 16, 2007, the Facebook group Furry Fandom was vandilized by a coalition of anti-furs. The extent of the vandilism included posting of yiffy images on the photo board, spamming of the walls and discussion boards, and harrassment of members through private messages. Already two furry-themed Facebook groups had been taken down by Facebook administrators because of the extent of the explicit material. Upon seeing this, Pitón contacted Stathgar, the original creator of the group, to report the abuse.

After a long string of messages between him and Stathgar, Pitón was appointed as an Administrator/Image Moderator for the group. He still sits in this position, trying to keep the group alive and prosperous.


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