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Jane's World
Author(s) Paige Braddock

Jane's World is a comic by cartoonist Paige Braddock.

Jane's World is of interest to furries for several reasons. The first reason is Jane's World #19 includes plot of Talia and Jane attending a furry convention in the Bay area.[1] The second reason is Jane's World Vol. 7 includes Jane shapeshifting into her animal totem[2] and the cover shows Jane in anthro rabbit form.[3]

In a later strip, an anthropomorphic dog is dropped off at the cafe.[4] It emerges that he was meant to play a part in The L Word.

Jane's World started as See Jane, a single-panel webcomic, in 1996, and evolved into Jane's World comic-strip webcomic in 1998.[5] Jane's World was selected for online syndication by United Media in 2001.[6]

Paige started to self-publish Jane's World in print comics book at the end of 2002.[7]


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