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Jakkal is the creator of the fantasy webcomics Black Tapestries, Crimson Fury: Legend of the Red Wolf, and artist/co-creator of The Realm of Kaerwyn, who lives in Raleigh, North Carolina.

She is active in the therian community, having built and supported the first incarnation of Werenet before moving on to the original sister sites of T.O. and Shifters.Org. She is an administrator of Realmscapes.[1]

She founded the original incarnation of W.A.G. (WereArtists Guild), where artists of all types and skills could come together in a more professional forum to improve their art, share their works, and learn how to work deadlines, projects, and special events.

While she is not involved in the furry fandom, she does have friends in the fandom and is aware that many of them enjoy her webcomic.

Jakkal is also the designer of one of the most popular Second Life furry avatars, having created both anthro and quad style avatars, as well as giant kitsune.


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