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Jaime Sidor, aka Emrys or Blaqriot (born November 22th 1986) is a were artist from Oregon, USA. Her drawings of werewolves and other were-creatures often have themes of gore, violence, nudity and darkness, and she also creates realistic wildlife pieces. Her subject matter tends to be violent, but by 2005 she had removed all erotica from her archive. She only rarely uses digital colouring or colour pencils.

The Dyre is a hyper-violent species of werewolf she created. Jaime Sidor described on deviantART, "My old website had an entire section of pages devoted entirely to the Dyre werewolves. The Dyre, to put it simply, are my vision of the "perfect werewolf", exactly how I would imagine they would be if they truely existed."[1]


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