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Jaffer Roshak is a furry who lives in Canberra, Australia. His fursona is a white avian.


Jaffer first found out about furries in 1997 through Magic: The Gathering's Tempest deck, where a picture of a feline anthro called Mirri, drawn by Susan Van Camp, caught his eye.[1]

It took almost 3 years for Jaffer to realize that the furry fandom was much bigger then himself and he slowly became more involved.


Jaffer’s fursona has changed several times, and he has many alt characters, usually created to explore and experience as much of the fandom as possible.

  • Jaffer ‘Cydan’ Roshak was originally a generic feline, then moved onto being a leopard. This stuck until early 2008 when one of his alt characters started become more like a main. Since then, Jaffer has merged with the alt character Cydan and become a white avian.
  • Cydan was originally a white avian created to explore parts of the fandom that Jaffer would not dare tread, but after becoming attached to the character, Jaffer merged it with his main. Several character quirks of Cydan still exist within Jaffer.
  • Iaisa Eesha Thastest (pronounced i-ee-sa) is a tigress. She was the first female alt of Jaffer’s has probably been one of the largest influences on him. The character has gone through several changes, the largest of which being her killed by another fur, Felicia Wolverini. It was planned by both parties, and after it happened, Iaisa came back as a ghost. She is still played from time to time.

Minor characters[edit]

  • Echo: Based off Jaffer’s pet in the game World of Warcraft. Echo is a female warp stalker.
  • Locken: Based off a D&D character. Locken is a large (7’ 9” tall) alligator anthro.
  • Thirsha: Based off a D&D character. Thirsha is Locken’s mate, but she is just a normal lizard folk.
  • Tyer: Based off a D&D character. Tyer was made for a story that continues the Dragonlance series Kang's Regiment. Jaffer's story was never finished, but the character remains. He is an Aurak Draconian.


  1. Natural Spring, Magic the Gathering Game Card, art by Susan Van Camp. Retrieved December 24, 2008.

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