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Jaffa Devilot Ferel, also JD-Ferel, Valentine and Ekimus, (born April 30, 1982)[1] is a furry artist who lives in Marion, Adelaide, South Australia.[2] He originally hails from Adelaide, but moved to Queensland with his family in 1995 after much mess down there. He moved back to Adelaide in 2007.[3]

After discovering the fandom though Bingo Dingo in 2000, he came to know several of the furs in Brisbane and has lived with Stephen Quoll and Rose Quoll and was a founder of The Den.

Art history[edit]

When Jaffa and Bingo Dingo first met, Jaffa wanted fit in somewhere and took up his pencil in an attempt to learn from his friend, who was effectively the only other person he knew in the fandom at the time. He was sloppy at first and only used basic figure posing techniques, which he and Bingo referred to as a cage, on the one static pose.

After getting chewed out by his colleague, he ceased the use of the cages and started drawing on his own. Nowadays, Jaffa has his art hosted at various galleries.


As for the fursona of Jaffa, well, even the player himself is confused half the time to which is the real truth. Most people who know him are told that his character is an anthro giant panda, although even in his anthro form he tends to steer away from the sterotypical appearance of a giant panda. He is tall and slender, standing 6'3" and sports short blonde hair.

His eyes have been much different since being infused with a symbiotic entity. Depending on his mood his eyes are a typical blue color or may glow a bright purple color. The question remains to be asked: "Which is the real Jaffa Devilot Ferel: the giant panda or the symbiote?"


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