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Jaff Fox (born 1981) is an artist, animator, and fur from northern England. He identifies as a cartoon fox.


Jaff Fox uses primarily inked pencil sketches colored using Photoshop. Once prolific, he now rarely posts art, averaging just under one image per month. He does have some art on VCL, but has long since stopped updating that account in favor of his deviantART Account.


His hobbies include photographing abandoned buildings and urban decay.

Jaff recently built a Biodiesel reactor and now runs his car soley on Biodiesel made from old vegetable oil. He has owned several cars, the first one the now somewhat-infamous "Rag" known for its colorful paint scheme (done in anticipation of EFX)

Jaff is a regular at Eurofurence.

Why "Jaff?"[edit]

The name "Jaff" comes from "Jaffa Cakes", a sort of biscuit popular in the UK. He has been known by this name since around 2001.

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