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Jaeli Silverchanter, also known as Great Penguini (real name Amanda K; born October 2),[1] is a writer, fursuiter, and fursuit maker who lives in Portland, Oregon, USA.[1]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Jaeli has been going to general fandom conventions since the early 1990s, and has been involved in staff/committee for OryCon (Portland's annual science fiction/fantasy convention), since she moved there in 2006.[2] In the past,[when?] she has been a staff member for Furlandia, handling publications and acting as registration desk lead. She also works for GearCon, a local Steampunk convention.


Jaeli's fursona is a Kusanai, a race of serval-like felines that Jaeli created herself.[3] She has an albino/white coloration with silver/black streaks and patches. Her fursona comes from one of her own manuscripts that has yet to be published.

She is in the process of a second fursona (or third, if you count Zumai), of an Ace-flag colored Calico cat. Her name is being decided upon at this time (September 2017). Amethyst is one that has come up.


Jaeli created her own fursuit.[4] Her first fursuit character was Zumai,[4] a lion based on the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz.

Convention attendance[edit]

  • Furlandia - 2013


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