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This article is about the person. For article about video game, see Jade Wolf (game).

Jade Wolf, full Jadeite Wolf, also known as JadeWolf87 (born October 29, 1987),[1] is a furry artist and fursuiter who lives in suburban Illinois, USA.[2]

She is the administrator of the Fur Affinity Illinois Furs.


Jade Wolf's fursona is a female digitigrade dark Wolf. [3] In terms of personality, she is the Alpha of her pack.

Her body fur is mostly black and grey, with a charcoal grey underside, tampering to a heart shape at the base of her tail. Her green-tipped black tail is fluffy and as long as her body. She has long green hair (reaching down about the middle of her back).

Her nipples, clit and tongue are neon green. There are green paw print markings (tattoos) on each side of her breasts (which they can change volume), hips, and one right above her tail.

She wears a green collar with a red heart. Each of her ears have three small piercings in different shades of green. She usually wears a low-cut green and black corset top, sometimes black Tripp pants or a plaid green miniskirt. She loves to dress up in different costumes such as maid, school girl, cop, or nurse.


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