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Jack Shade (born October 24)[1] is a furry who lives in Bullock, North Carolina, U.S.A.[2] He is a Furry lifestyler and an avid Twitter whore.

Fandom Involvement[edit]

Having a love for animals ever since his diaper days, Jack latched on to anthropomorphic cartoons at a young age. In 2005, he discovered the furry fandom through word of mouth and an infamous CSI episode. After looking up the fandom online, he instantly took a liking to it and considered himself a part of the fandom. However, he didn't really become a die hard furry until early 2010 on the eve of his first convention, Anthrocon. Now, Jack likes to consider himself a lifestyler, wants to attend as many cons as he can and make lots of fur friends.


Jack Shade is a black-phase red fox, with violet eyes and a white spade marking on his left hip. He wears a signature purple and black striped tie and is usually seen in a suit.


Jack has attended:


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