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The brainchild of artist Roz Gibson, Jack Salem's first printed appearance was in Rowrbrazzle in 1987, although he was also featured in numerous unpublished stories and artwork done by Gibson, dating back to 1979. A serial killer and rapist, Salem was one of the first outright evil furry characters. He is a Russian sable/ domestic cat hybrid, mostly sable, with midnight-black fur and a small cream-colored patch on the lower jaw and throat. He also wears glasses. His preferred weapon is a Colt Python .357 gun, but he is equally dangerous with his own teeth and claws. He lives in a future Earth with a small human population and a larger population of nonhuman (mammal, bird, reptile & insect) constructs. He has been published in Furrlough and Yarf, as well as a number of self-published books available directly from Roz Gibson or from Second Ed.
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