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Brian Harp, also known as Sharky, Jace Hyena or just Jace (born July 21, 1972, in Sacramento, California, USA - died February 2023), was a furry artist who lived in Walnut Creek, California.[1]

Fandom involvement[edit]


Brian's fursona was a lunatic gnoll (hyena).

Convention attendance[edit]


In July 26, 2005, madd_tom_kit made a post to artists_beware stating that:

Brian Harp
Jace after a year and a month still has nothing to show for the 300$ i paid him...I emailed him about every two weeks for status updates each time i got a new excuse.... [...] So it looks like i'm dead in the water...Thankyou Jace you've been a tremendous help....[2]
Brian Harp

In May 2007, Iridium Wolf made a post to artists_beware stating that:

Brian Harp
Four years ago I commissioned Brian "Jace/Sharky" Harp for two pictures. [...] I sent him the money soon after he agreed to do the pictures, the full $170, in June 2003. [...] For four years, I did not receive any progress reports, I have not received any preliminary sketches, I have gotten nothing.[3]
Brian Harp

He posted "to let Jace know that he should knuckle down and get the stack of work he has before him done."[4]

Other people, including madd_tom_kit,[5] reported on the same thread that Jace had not completed commissions. Iridium Wolf would bring up this incident later on on other people posts concerning their commission trouble with the artist:

Brian Harp
I'm sorry to say that you are only the latest in a rather long line of people to be burned by Jace. [...] A number of artist_beware watchers/commenters started adding up what we had paid Jace, though that fizzled out as we approached $1,000. I'm sure the amount paid to him with nothing to show for it is much higher[6]
Brian Harp

In June 2013, animakitty posted:

Brian Harp
Brian Harp [...] aka Jace, owes me for ~300 dollars of money and goods paid for two multi-character full color commissions never delivered, one ordered in 2005 and the other in 2008. This year I offered him a final chance to do right by me, giving him four months to deliver what I was owed. That deadline passed May 31st, thus this account to warn potential commissioners of his inexcusable behavior.[7]
Brian Harp


Brian Harp used a variety of media for his work, including archival inks and Copic markers. His subject matter ranged from PG to X. He created a race of anthro Dragons known as the Dz'isu.


Brian Harp passed away on February 2023.[8]


Brian enjoyed additional hobbies such as model building, figurine painting, FRPG's, war games, costume building, and prop making.


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