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JJ Husk, drawn by himself.

JJ aka JJ Husk is a writer who also draws furries as well as fan art of video game characters. His drawings are on Side7, Fanart Central, deviantART, and Fur Affinity. His writings are mostly on his deviantART page, though there are some on his Fur Affinity page. He lives in California, U.S.A.

== The Character == JJ Husk is an Alaskan Husky with blue eyes, white hair, and cheek markings (or cheek fluff). He is very friendly,gentle, kind, hopeless romantic, and loyal to the end. Born and raised in a small town, both of his parents along with his brother and sister, died in a horrible accident. He blames himself if there is talk about parents. Disown by the rest of his family JJ was an operand, except for the fact his Aunt Rose took him as her own son. He only has had one relationship in his 25 years of life. He tries a little too hard to get someone and kinda comes off as being desperate. His ex calls him clingy, though his friend Shilean finds that enduring about him. His friends are few and only one girl as a friend. Though she tries hard to get him in bed. He keeps her at bay for the most part.

The Person[edit]

Meet him, you will see the similarity between the creator and creation. Plus all his siblings are living and his only major lost he had was the death of his mother.

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