Journey to the Bottom of the Multiverse

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Journey to the Bottom of the Multiverse, better known as JBM to its regular readers, is drawn by Chaos Otter and distributed by Pandora Comics. It is the story of brave explorers Steve and Wilma, who seek to find the most Kata point in the entire multiverse.

Wilma and Steve are two scientists who discover that the multiverse they live in is actually a series of parallel universes stacked along a 4th-dimensional axis, the bottom-most of which is a chaotic real with a funnel-shaped structire in the middle. They are joined on their journey by Chaos Otter, a fellow who has lived in the realm of chaos most of his life.

Steve and Wilma soon discover that matter and reality are not stable in this new realm, and as things get weirder and weirder, they also discover that they can transform into different types of animals simply by altering their behavior. This skill proves invaluable in getting past such hazards as the carnivorous roctites, demon locust and the savage Julia monsters of Benwa.

In order to insure the success of their journey, Steve and Wilma enlist the help of other locals, including Tina 4, a weasel constructed out of pillows; Biff, the strong mouse and the mysterious Enima.

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