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J.C. is a furry artist from Taiwan. He is also a fursuiter. His art includes various furry animals, as well as quadrupeds. J.C. was graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts. He draws in a variety of different art styles. He determined to rely on furry art commissions for living.


J.C.'s fursuit

J.C.'s fursona is a yellow cat with a tying bandage on its tail and a pair of sunglasses. He also designs the anthro cat as his fursona. He only takes off his sunglasses when draw together with his sweetheart.

Fandom involvement[edit]

J.C. is the founder of a Chinese The Lion King forum named The LionKing Savanna in Taiwan which was hosted on The Lion King Fan-Art Archive, and was also the founder of Wild Land community during the 1990s. Wild Land was merged into Wolves' Paradise community on September 12, 2006. He designed several logos, forum templates, and blog templates for Wolves Paradise. He is also the gallery administrator and board moderator during his cooperation with Alphawolf Kiba in running Wolves' Paradise community.

In the mid 2010, he left Wolves' Paradise and founded a new Chinese furry forum named Wild Soul for Taiwan furry.


J.C. is the creator of a set of animated emoticons named "Dragon-bro" which is widely used by a number of forums, Windows Messenger users and deviantART users.

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