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Itsua is an anthropomorphic wolf character from the Kaze: Ghost Warrior pilot episode which was written, produced and made solely by Timothy Albee of Timothy Albee Animation. Timothy also did all of the voices for that episode, including Itsua.

Itsua is a kind-hearted tavern owner who clung to hope, after the Royal family and Kaze were slain, that Kaze would return and restore peace and justice to the kingdom. He risks his own life and that of his family, including his wife Naosu, to keep such hope alive, teaching others in secret about what happened and his belief that Kaze has returned from the dead and is walking the lands again.

When an anthropomorphic tiger appears in his tavern and dispatches, with great honor and skill, Enforcer thugs there to terrorize Itsua's customers and employees, Itsua takes a leap of faith, believing the tiger to be none other than Kaze himself. His act of faith pays off, as the tiger proves, indeed, to be Kaze, and Itsua does his best to comfort the ghost warrior with words of support and having his wife Naosu cleane up a minor wound Kaze received fighting the thugs in the bar.

Despite barely scraping by thanks to the hefty payments taken by the Enforcers, Itsua ensures Yasashii, one of his employees at the tavern, takes time off for a couple nights -- with pay -- to spend safely at home after he was held hostage by Yashin.