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Little Foxy, previously known as Istavan (born March, 1982),[citation needed] is a babyfur writer from Dallas, Texas, USA.[citation needed]


Little Foxy's fursona is a red fox who is either in his mid-twenties or else about two years old, depending on his mood. He had a rough childhood and is pretty shy, but likes meeting new furs once he gets to know them. Little Foxy is occasionally a caretaker, but much prefers the far less stressful life of a little kit.

Fandom Involvement[edit]

Little Foxy has written a number of babyfur-themed stories, which are posted on his personal website and on Proxima Centauri's Nursery Tails. His stories are non-yiffy, leaning towards the romantic and cuddly.

Little Foxy wrote under the pen name "Istavan" when he first started out, and this still shows up on the author credits of some of his earlier work.

He is on various furry forums.[citation needed]


  • It Started As A Vacation (series)
  • Business As Usual: A Workaholic's Cure
  • The Gate (series)
  • Away At College (series)
  • If Only For A Night
  • Adrift In Space And Time (Series)
  • Welcome To The Potty: A Halloween Short
  • The Holidays (series)
  • Floor 29
  • The Storm (series)
  • Re-Tail (Series)
  • Where Wolves?
  • Graffiti from the Apocalypse
  • Out on the Rim

Published Works[edit]

Crinkle Shorts[edit]

Crinkle Shorts (ISBN 978-1-312-50637-4) is Little Foxy's first published book, as well as being the first commercially available volume of babyfur short stories. It includes edited and revised versions of

  • The Holidays: Year 1
  • The Holidays: Year 2
  • The Holidays: How I Spent My Solstice Eve
  • Welcome to the Potty
  • If Only For A Night
  • Business As Usual
  • The Gate
  • Floor 29
  • It Started As A Vacation

Cover art is by Marci McAdam, and it was initially available through It is an approximately 300 page trade paperback sized volume.*

Crinkle Shorts 2[edit]

Crinkle Shorts 2 (ISBN 978-1-312-65184-5) consists of three edited and revised novella length stories,

  • Away At College
  • Re-Tail
  • Where Wolves?

Cover art is by Tato, and it was initially available through It is an approximately 300 page trade paperback sized volume.*

  • Both items are available under and are still the cheapest resource to purchase them through.


Little Foxy loves cars; he builds hot rods and does restoration work as a hobby, as well as doing some amateur racing. He also collects antique guns.

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