Isis Sesheta

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Isis Sesheta is a nonfur who has made several significant contributions to various MUCKs, some furry, specifically Ayenee. When online as Isis, she assumes the identity of a anthropomorphic housecat to facilitate easier interactions with furries.


Isis is commonly seen in dragon forms, her two most well known being Alexandria Dragonheart and Dragon Heart Angel, characters she portrays in the now defunct Ayenee MUCK. She cocreated Mealeandia, a dragon community, with Christian "Geialon" Jensen. She was responsible for the high levels of detail put into the area, contributing to character backstories, biological data, stat sheets, and customs.

Isis now operates two roleplaying message boards. She can also be found on EverQuest, Second Life and Runescape.

Real Life[edit]

Isis lives in Virginia with her mate Kluger, their 3 children, and their cats. The couple owns and operates a small computer store. There, she focuses on web page building and helping her husband run the store.

Artistically, Isis likes to draw using colored pencils and chalks, designing personalized web sites and flower arranging. She also paints from time to time and writes stories.

Isis was born and raised Christian, but Kluger is a Messianic Jew, so when they married, they combined their religions to celebrate both of their traditions.