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Isil Bastet is a furry artist who mainly posts on Fur Affinity.

Isil started posting art online in late 2004, and began posting furry art in mid-2005. He has attended two conventions (Anthrocon 2007 and All Fur Fun 2008) and was a dealer at one of them. His deviantART name was previously isil-the-werecat.


Isil's fursona is a siberian tiger/arctic fox hybrid with small, non-functional white or black wings. He has color-changing eyes, which go through a range of tones based on his emotions.

Secondary characters[edit]

Isil also has a few secondary characters, the most prominent of which is his male Eastern dragon character, Sternenlicht der Mitternacht, or Sternenlicht for short.

His other, less prominent, secondary characters include Lionwolf/Icefang the wolf, Liz the dalmatian, Sitlali the wolf, Stephanie the cougar/fox hybrid, and Natcha the wolf.

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