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Ishaway (born May 30)[1] is an artist based on the east coast of the United States.[2] She primarily works in traditional media, and depicts fantasy, anthromorphic, and nature art work. Her avatar or fursona is a black unicorn with blonde streaks in her mane and tail.


Ishaway first began uploading furry art in 2005, on deviantART. She quickly began focusing on the equine elements of the community, and participated for many years in the LiveJournal group Equine Xchange. For a couple of years this was the hub of her online activities, prior to spring 2007 when she dually maintaining her deviantART gallery and a gallery on Fur Affinity.

Ishaway has attended Anthrocon 2008-2013 as both an artist in the Art Show and the Artist Alley, and as a Dealer from 2009-2013.


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