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Author(s) * Founder: Arsimael Inshan
Status Offline
Launch date August 2012
End date August 2021
Genre Webservices, Chat community, Hosting
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Is a Furry was a furry oriented social media, mailing and hosting provider located in Germany. The servers were located in Nuremberg/Germany. provided a jabberserver, an emailserver and a webhostingserver with the domain "". This allowed users to gain a Jabber/eMail Address with "" or a homepage with "".


  • VoIP - Encrypted TeamSpeak server Since the IM server supports VoIP, teamspeak is shut down. If you connect to the IAF Teamspeak it redirects you to the JHML Public TS. Teamspeakserver is rebranded to
  • Instant messaging (IM) Closed in January 2021
  • Email services Shutdown in August 2021, still available through personal requests
  • Web hosting
  • Imagehoster/Image Library / Art Gallery Moved to
  • Cloudservices (based on NextCloud) moved to

History[edit] started in 2011 as a plain email domain for private use.

Since many requests during the first year, became open to public use in August of 2012.

In January of 2013 the email Service closed down due many spam account registrations and switched to a "request policy" - email accounts are only getting created if the user requests them from the owner of to ensure the account owners are human.

Also in August 2013 the Jabber/XMPP Service started. Since the beginning, Messenger and email services are secured by SSL with 2048 later 4096bit certificates. The Messenger refuses to talk to unencrypted services, which prevents connections to unsecured servers like

In September of 2014 started to offer a small webhosting service for furry-related stuff.

In December 2014 moved to a new hoster located in Roubaix/France. The email hosting was moved back to an own server due security reasons and an easier-to-use web interface.

In April 2015 the main chat interface was changed. Instead of Jappix, IAF is using the webclient "candy". Reasons were the instability of jappix, some bugs and a problem in maintaining the webclient. Jappix is also available as "second opinion without priority". The registration is now seperated from the client and got secured by a captcha.

In September 2016 the VoIP Service was tested and introduced. now supports P2P and Groupcalls via Voice over IP. The Teamspeak³ Server got closed. the whole Service also moved to a new dedicated Server located in Falkenstein/Germany.

January 2017: New Server, upgrade of all services, changing the Imagehoster to a more professional solution. Rework of all TLS certificates. Changing the Password algorythms to a stronger and more secure one. Hardening the Chatserver against bots and spam. New configuration of email services.

August 2020: Announcement the IM Server woll be shut down by thew end of 2020 due the lack of usage and bad maintenance of the XMPP network at all (high spam rate, absent administrators)

January 2021: Shutdown of the XMPP Server.

August 2021: Shutting down if IAF as a whole due to lack of usage and high maintenance demands. Also stricter and more demanding laws of privacy, copyright and other (german) laws.

Connections[edit] was a part of the JHML network. This means, chatserver, email management and hosting are done by JHML.DE. There are also some other domains/services by this network like the gaming community "Mad Kitty Gaming" which is in development at the moment, Radio-Dark-Dimensions, an online radio and, an technic/IT blog.

Security[edit] tried to provide a high security standard. The web- and chatserver were on a high rating on security by SSLlabs and xmpp security overview.

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