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Irwin is a black hermaphroditic dragon character from the world of Skye. The gender of the player (usually referred to as Playir) is obscured, but is known to live in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Irwin can be found on FurryMUCK, Tapestries MUCK, and SPR. Hir oldest incarnation is on Tapestries, since the beginning of 1999, but sie has @toaded on several mucks to and from. The character Irwin dates from online play in chatrooms since 1996.

Second Life[edit]

From July 2007, sie is known as Irwin Blachere on Second Life where sie among other things have taught roleplay at the Gianfar sim.


Sie is a size-shifter, ranging from a 2 foot long firelizard up to anything as a dragon. Hir body is filled by scars, blamed on human fire. Mostly, sie can be seen as a 6 foot anthropomorphic bipedal dragon, or a 80 foot high quadruped dragon. There are rumours about other species as well, but these are used seldom.

Roleplaying history[edit]

Irwin (second name: 'of the Blackheart Ridge') was hatched in a facet of the Omniverse where there was a place called Skye. Dragons and humans were the dominant species, but lived separated from each other. There was some trade, and the Treaty, which regulated inter-species affairs. The dragons inhabited mountains and hills in their area, and kept what was between as hunting preserves for themselves. The species counted as one realm, and had a ruling family, who knew both telepathy and the use of magic. Members of the ruling family was always hatched as hermaphrodites, with long lives and great responsibility and power. They slowly ascended to higher levels of magic and reverence through their lives. The individuals choosen to be supreme rulers always ended up ascending to another plane of existence, leaving their children on Skye to fight their own battles.

Irwin was born as a one of several possible future rulers, and showed great promise in everything sie did. As sie grew in power both of mind and magic, sie was marked as the next in line for the rule. The only blot on hir record was a twist to use un-tried ways to solve problems, not wholly appreciated in the old, inbred culture of the dragons of Skye. When hir grand sire, or 'spawnir' as sie would call hir, ascended into another existence, sie was elected as supreme ruler. The Troubles began building the same year.

The Troubles[edit]

Young dragons had been complaining a long time about the hardship of hunting in the preserves when Irwin was chosen. The relatively young ruler didn't read the minds of the most vocal troublemakers, always gentle and trying to understand the motives first. That mistake would hunt hir through the rest of hir life. A group of young dragons had been planning covert action a long time, and started hunting in the game-rich human lands, oblivious to the uproar they created among the human herders and peasants. This kind of behaviour was forbidden by the Treaty, and the severe punishments already agreed upon. Diplomats, both mammalic and reptilian, were soon sending urgent notes to the young ruler. Using hir magic powers, Irwin managed to detect the stealthy group of illegal hunters. They were called before hir to atone their crimes. Argumenting fiercly for their desperate need, the young scoundrels managed to convince hir that this was behind them, and more of a rascal act come out of desperation. They argumented that the shortage of huntable animals must be lightend, probably by increased trading with the humans. This was already a thing that Irwin had thought on at length, and thus sie forgave the group their illegal acts. This enraged some of the human diplomats who had come to witness the sentening of thiefs. After this, diplomatic traffic increased, but trade dwindled as a punishment from several human rulers. The young dragons' problems increased as less food could be put out for the game. So the first group of offenders resumed their illegal hunting. Two catastrophes happend within days. First, the illegal hunters encountered a farmers militia armed with crossbows. One of the dragons got badly hurt by a shaft, so the rest of the group killed one of the militia to save and protect her. Second, while retreating, they encountered real troops, already sent out to strengthen the militia. They made good use of heavy crossbows and a wagon-carried arbalest, killing the already hurt dragon, and another.

The Wars[edit]

Irwin's rule wasn't totally supreme - a complete circle of priests of the pantheon of dragons outruled hir. They decided to strike back. So started The Wars of Skye.