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Iruto (also known as Iruto14; born June 14)[1] is a wolf furry who lives in Germany.[1] Iruto Has not attended Any Conventions due to none being in his area.

Iruto can be found on Second Life as Iruto Kling. There, he is part of Chthonic Syndicate, a futuristic war sim. Sims He hangs out alot on include : Toys Toy's (5% of the time), Rp sim's (60% of the time) , and Furzona (anthro themed Dance club. 15% of the time).


Iruto recently started writing an Anthro Based College Story. Characters in the story are: Iruto, Ayni, Arresa, Dexter Young, Connor Eyolf, Spyke Rexen, Toy, and Kogey. The story doesn't have a name yet.


RP Age: 18

Job's: CIA agent, Army officer of the rank LTC, Race Car Driver, and Gun For Hire.

Sexuality: Straight (both Real Life and Role Play)

Vehicles he owns in RP: Porsche GT3RS

Types of Rp's he likes include: Long term Story based, Rp's that include Straight sex, Post Apoctoliptic RP's, Collage RP's, War RP's, and Under cover RP's.

Iruto's abilitys are as follows: The power to cuonjur lighting from his hands. Origin of this power is unkown to him. He has had the ability to control it since birth. This power requires nothing but it has a side effect of over usage. Main side effect is fatigue.

He also has the ability to control how fast he moves and sees things. The faster he moves the slower things get. This is very usefull in close combat or driving. in order to use this power he need to have one of his eyes glowing.

Iruto also has the abiltiy to release his soul from his body in the shape of him. As soon as he does this he is vunarable to anything unless he stays near his body in soul form. he can poses people in this form and fight too. In order to use this power he need to have both his eyes glowing.


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