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Ironhoof is a notoriously stallion-hating, strictly-lesbian mustang mare who appeared first on Wild Spirits MUSH, was moved to Thunder Trails MUSH and later on Tapestries MUCK. She is featured as the main character in a trilogy of novels being written by her creator.[who?]

Ironhoof's player had never before portrayed a horse in roleplay, and only did so after several requests. Creating Ironhoof on Wild Spirits MUSH as such an 'extreme' character was a bit of playful revenge.

Over time, this somewhat created-in-jest character became more serious as her player fleshed the character out, the backstory in her profile growing so long that by the time she was moved to Thunder Trails MUSH, her backstory would no longer fit in a MUSH buffer and was moved to a website. When Thunder Trails MUSH went offline, Ironhoof's player began transforming her backstory into a more formal story, with the possibility of eventual publication. Originally started as a series of short episode-like stories, the concept for the Ironhoof story was eventually reworked into a trilogy concept that would cover Ironhoof's entire life, from her foaling at the beginning of the first novel, to her death at the conclusion of the third novel.

The three novels:

  • Ironhoof: Fiesty Filly - covers her life with the herd she foaled into, up to her expulsion from the herd as an older filly.
  • Ironhoof: Liberated - picks up as she seeks a life of her own and finally transitions into marehood, free of the bonds of duty or responsibility to the herd she foaled into. This novel would include (and go somewhat beyond) a re-imagining of the events played out on the Wild Spirits and Thunder Trails MUSHes.
  • Ironhoof: Seasoned follows a climatic event concluding the second book, deals with its aftermath and a change in Ironhoof, and her eventual decline before succumbing to death.