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InnerRin's characters drawn by FearDaKez.

InnerRin (born September 15,[1] 1996) is an actress and amateur artist. She lives in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

InnerRin has said[citation needed] she was a closet furry since her pre-teen years. She was publicly introduced to the fandom in 2014 as DahBlueKitty, but in 2015 changed her name and fursona.


InnerRin has seven characters:

  • Rin, her main fursona, is a wildcat/Maine Coon hybrid with white, light grey and dark grey fur. Her patternation features a grey body with white secondary markings, with mixes of grey, white and darker grey stripes on her limbs and back, and a very large tail. She has black hair that changes length and styles.
  • Dibi, InnerRin's first and original fursona which has since been retired, is again a Maine Coon hybrid with blue and grey tortoiseshell markings on predominantly white fur.
  • Halfshine, InnerRin's only known ponysona, is a blue and yellow unicorn with no cutie mark. Her Mane and tail length often change.
  • Taboo, a marsupial Opinicus with a dark grey body, white secondary fur, and blue-grey markings.
  • Polar, InnerRin's only male fursona. Polar is a naturally-coloured reindeer with different shades of brown and white fur. His most prominent features are his white gradient legs and mane-like fluffy neck. He has a white circle between his eyes and brown dots on his lower back.
  • Killara is a black and blue furred Party Panther with pink markings. She has black and pink hair usually seen in a ponytail or as a short tuft.
  • Lord Sparklebottom, also known as Sin, is InnerRin's evil Dutch Angel Dragon. He has pink and cream fur with red heart shaped markings and spines. He has twisted horns and red eyes. InnerRin has admitted to Lord Sparklebottom being a "joke character".[citation needed]


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