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Inkwell Artz's fursona, Inkwell Doggo.

Avril Moore (born April 25, 2003), best known by their internet monikers Inkwell Artz and Inku [1][2] is an agender pony and manga artist from Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.[2] They are the creator of the webcomics The 'Teen Club, [3] Sora, [4] All or Nothing, [5] and Generation Z. [6] Inkwell Artz is the twin sibling of Raven Foxx.[1]


Inkwell Artz's fursona is a black and white anthro Cocker Spaniel named Inkwell Doggo. [7]


Inkwell Artz's ponysona is white, with a black mane, tail, and hooves. She does not have a cutie mark. [8]


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