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Inktail is a furry artist who lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania . He joined the furry fandom in 2007 and has slowly been making more of a presence for himself as of late. His fursona is a black domestic cat anthro with blue eyes, and blue colored flesh both inside and out. He also has an alternate form (a black and blue moogle) which he switches to and from at random, due to a curse. Recently he has also given a fat fur form, which he can switch to and from via an amulet around his neck.

He has 2 other characters, both female. Nita is a fat fur polar bear character who is girl gamer and was Inktail's girlfriend (character wise) until Inktail became mated with Tessa. The other being Wilda, A plush kangaroo who has an love of "adopting" other furs as her children.

He has several interests such as Fat furs, soft vore, plushie furs, transformation, and other various interests. Most of the artwork currently on his page are commissions he has received from other artists, but he also has his own art posted as well.

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