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Ink, also known as Brian McGroarty, is a furry programmer and game developer.


Ink has been a part of the furry community since running a "Funny Animal"-themed BBS which later became a FurNet node in 1990. The BBS did not have a consistent name, as even first-time users were allowed to rename the BBS at login time. The name Llama Kingdom returned often, with some users attached to the name. The BBS happened to be Pentarou! Enterprises at the time of its FurNet listing, and can be found in the nodelist on the FurNet article.

In the early 2000s, Ink ran a LiveJournal community called Drawink in order to foster furry artist development. There were biweekly cycles, where a theme was announced, artists contributed entries, made critiques and revisions, and ultimately a vote was held. Participants voted on technique, results, and peer improvement. There were regular prizes for the winners in each category. Some prizes were related to the contest theme, and about thirty starter-level Wacom tablets were given out.

While working as a game developer, Ink put furry-themed easter eggs in several titles. In Tempest X3 for Playstation, entering "YIFF!" as the top score enabled a hidden retro game mode and, in the credits, replaced his real name with his furry name. Tempest 2000 for Sega Saturn bears a hidden yellow duckling flying about in an Easter basket. Vid Grid for Jaguar CD has a bouncing mouse head if all of the puzzles are completed with specific criteria. Other games have more traditional furry character cameos or hidden text surprises.

As of July, 2012, Ink runs a UNIX hosting service at cost for furs with interesting comic and art projects. Ink also administers several premium content sites, including Jay Naylor's Original Life comic and adult catalog.

Ink works on Second Life[1], where he has a furry avatar named Soft Linden.[2]


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