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Seth Yaotzin (born October 20th, 1990) is a primarily Sonic fan artist and writer who lives in Greater London in the United Kingdom.


Seth's artistic style varies, from Sonic-style to manga, cartoon to general anthro. He displays his art on Fur Affinity.

Fetish art[edit]

Seth is well-known in these galleries for his foot fetish and tickling fetish artwork.

Seth claims that the reason he finds these fetishes sexually arousing is because they are, in his own words, "The most innocent fetishes there are" and that they are in no way "disgusting" or "depraved", just an innocent arousal from being able to switch submission and domination in the blink of an eye, from being the submissive slave worshipping the subject's feet to dominating them with tickling and reducing them to a laughing wreck."[citation needed]

He is also known to have a mind control fetish, as he fantasizes about having a mindless slave.


Seth has a wealth of original characters in his creations, spread out over many stories and fanfics. These are all set on the same planet "O-Yama".

The most notable of his creations would be his personal character, Seth Nichola Yaotzin, a red demon, who is the 14th descendant of the Infernal Yaotzin. Seth is an aggressive, serious fighter, addicted to the adrenaline one feels in the heat of combat.

The character is based (obviously) on the owner, and the only distinct way to tell which of them one is referring to is by the middle name. The owner is simply called "Seth Yaotzin" where the character carries his mother's name in the middle, as "Seth Nichola Yaotzin".

He uses fire magick cast from his hands, which he justifies in this way: "There is a tiny patch of skin on the palms of both Seth's hands and the soles of his feet, which vibrate at super-high speeds, creating friction with the hydrogen molecules in the air, and therefore generating a flame Seth can then manipulate as an attack form using a miniscule psychic channel in his mind."[citation needed]

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