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MythTrainerInfinity (Infinity on Fur Affinity and Serebii Forums, formerly checker on MSN Games, and formerly Umbreon on World Gaming Center) is a furry who lives in Michigan.

His fursona is an Umbreon Pokémorph. He leads an artist team named N-Parody that focuses on drawn and sprite art and competitive Pokémon battling. He has high hopes for creating the N-Parody Pokémon League in 2008.

History on the Internet[edit]

MythTrainerInfinity has been actively involved in community activities on the Internet for over half a decade.

2000 - mid-2005[edit]

Starting in 2000, MythTrainerInfinity spent several years playing classic board and card games on MSN Games and became the leader of Zone Checkers Rooms, a community exceeding 3000 members that focused on hosting tournaments primarily for checkers, chess, and contract bridge. Unfortunately, due to betrayal and malicious attacks from hackers, Zone Checkers Rooms fell apart in 2004.

In mid-2005, he became the tournament event administrator at World Gaming Center (an online gaming website). For the duration of his career at World Gaming Center, he trained hundreds of tournament host applicants to host tournaments and pushed for the usage of forums for users and staff members to communicate ideas quickly.

Late-2005 - present[edit]

In late 2005, MythTrainerInfinity began drawing and quickly became active in Serebii Forums' art forum he met Snagger Outlaw and the two quickly became friends. In January 2006, he pulled together a group of six artists (including Snagger Outlaw) on Serebii Forums and started N-Parody and created a website for N-Parody with the aid of a website designer who worked for free. Unfortunately, in mid-2006, N-Parody was back stabbed and the website designer ripped down N-Parody's entire site and demanded money for his services, otherwise he would not return the pages back to normal. N-Parody did not comply with the demands and the website was lost.

After losing the website, MythTrainerInfinity recruited six more people to join N-Parody (including Minun and Invader Pichu) and the group's ranks grew to 12. MythTrainerInfinity hopes to one day rebuild the N-Parody website with the rest of the members of N-Parody.

Currently, he can be seen uploading art on DeviantArt and Fur Affinity, hosting the monthly art contests at Serebii Forums' main art forum, and posting art on some oekaki boards.

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