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Infinite Journey was an adult-orientated MUCK dedicated to diversity, originality and creativity in play. They maintained a friendly atmosphere towards newcomers and old friends. They had a set theme, which was broad enough to allow players to create nearly anything they desired.


  • Gebura - Headwiz, Co-creator, Punishment
  • Derora - Co-creator, RP, Theme, Newbie Help
  • Tik - Tech support
  • Zen - RP, Theme, Newbie Help
  • Glyph - RP, Theme, Newbie Help
  • Dimiki - RP, Theme
  • Xaqunya - RP, Theme

The world of Infinite Journey[edit]

Set upon a ring-world, a type of orbital ring made popular by author Larry Niven and first person shooter game series Halo, Infinite Journey has an endless (for all intents and purposes) amount of space to expand into thematically.

Called 'The world' by its inhabitants, it is an endless loop of new wonder and undiscovered mystery that fuels the ongoing expansion and exploration of it's inhabitants. With a wilderness that resists being tamed and questionable supernatural intervention at random, the explorers are a hardy and bold sort that are the machine that processes the constant hunger for new technology generated by the populace.

Players joining the World will be encouraged to lend their storytelling talents to either maintaining the existing civilization or pushing forward to discovering new wonders to improve the world they live in.


Built by a paranoid, xenophobic race of war-like beings that fell prey to nigh-extinction via a plague, the World is populated by a mixture of their descendants and those of the few aliens who managed to land on the ring without its defenses annihilating them and any chance of escape.

Information is scarce as after countless generations of intermixing, expansion and interbreeding, all historical accounts have become questionable and garbled at best...generally simply written off as religious fiction.

The presence of what has been deemed 'magic' on the world only further confuses most that would seek rational answers to the reason for the directions lives take on the world.

Now, nearly 1000 years after the fall of the previous civilization, destroyed by the world's own automated defenses when they attempted to create ships to explore beyond the ring's confines. What they did not know is that their craft met the profile of an invading object and the entire city was obliterated in a ray of light from the star above. The various species have climbed back up from the stone age they were blasted into and are carefully unearthing and retrieving clues and technology from those that came before them.

Technology & time[edit]

Decidedly confused due to the constant reintroduction of ancient advances on their Iron Age development. Because of this much of what the inhabitants use would be classified as 'enhanced' version of medieval tools and weapons.

Projectile weapons for instance go no higher than slings, bows and complex crossbows, yet scopes and elemental charges exist, so it is feasible for one to fire exploding arrows from a scoped tech-bow, but not to wield a six shooter or rifle. Melee weapons hold true to this same issue, thus a gravity hammer or stun baton is more feasible than a collapsible night stick.

Tools are fairly standard in most cases, made from a variety of materials, the more valuable tools being ancient 'unbreakable' artifacts from the previous era. Modern enhanced tools are efficient and variable, but prone to being destroyed by their own enhancements and thus require much in the way maintenance and repairs. An example would be a shovel with attachments upon it to alternately heat and cool rocks to make them easier to break up and remove, while this will seriously speed up digging, the shovel's head will also be worn down over time by this same process.

Vehicles as such do not exist beyond the occasional cart here and there, most choosing to rely on themselves to move valuables unless the quantity requires a hauling team such as an archeological dig.

The week begins on the famous Sun Day. It is rumored that the day is named as such because of the stories passed down through the generations about the Sun causing devastation, but also holds the key to renewed life from it. Mothers use this story in order to correct their children's bad habits, threatening them that if they continue to be bad that the Sun will punish them by destroying civilization.

Thirty hours are in one typical Ringworld day, with each starting and ending with an eclipse of the Sun when a shadowsquare passes by it. One rotation of the Ringworld marks 7.5 Ringworld days; forty entire rotations of the Ringworld equals a year. This is slightly longer than an Earth year, 300 Ringworld days roughly equivilates to 375 Earth days.

Populated locations[edit]

Politically the people of this world are almost entirely independent and self sufficient, groups form under the banners of certain councils, companies and guilds, but no outright political parties exist. Special interest groups get only as far as they can manage through direct action; lobbying to a politician works not when the only way to get what you want is to buy it, trade for it or pay someone to go take it for you by force.

Each individual culture has it's own quirks and nuances that make visiting their capitol city and surrounding region...interesting.

  • Black sands desert: The city of Bazdin, overseen by Gebura
  • Dakarai grasslands: The city of Purus-thal, overseen by Derora
  • Sacred woodlands: The city of Quinthra, overseen by Xaqunya
  • The endless sea: The city of Tioka, overseen by Dimiki
  • Takunda morass: The city of Trindam, overseen by Glyph
  • Barren lowlands: The city of Vrist, overseen by Zen

Unpopulated/hazardous locations[edit]

Outside the bounds of the city, individuals rely on more direct methods of settling disputes, either with money or blood. Payment in blood may mean either the life of someone who has committed a crime is ended or someone’s life is pledged to another’s through bondage or betrothal. Otherwise something of value is traded to soothe whatever deal is made. A commonplace and casual practice is to seal most deals with infertile copulation, a practice most favored when the deal take place between members of unlike species groups, keeping the worry of offspring far from a consideration.

  • The wilds: Enter at your own risk


Check out the muck's wiki for a more detailed explanation of these job selections.

  • Arbiters (Peacekeepers)
  • The Altered (Magic users)
  • The Chosen
  • Councilors (Governing body)
  • Craftsmen (Geneticists)
  • Devotees (Priests/Priestesses)
  • Diplomats (Mercenaries, Warriors)
  • Masons (Mechanics/Blacksmiths/Engineers)
  • Menders (Healers)
  • Merchants
  • Messengers
  • Retrievers (Archaeologists)

Monthly newsletter[edit]

Designed to allow active/nonactive/new players to gather information on pertinent information about the current stage of the game. The newsletter carries information labeled Out of character as well as topics of import In character concerning the roleplay.

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