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IndyWolfy (born November 20, 1993,[1] died April 12 or 13, 2020)[2], commonly referred to as Indy for short and also known as IndySparkWolf or Ryan "Indy" Sparkwolf[3]) was a furry, Nintendo fan and fursuiter from Maryland. His fursona was a blue and white "Bolf" (a "Gray Wolf-Grizzly Bear Hybrid")[3].


On April 14, 2020 at 11:05 PM EST, IndyWolfy's boyfriend kiranking007 made a Tweet stating that IndyWolfy had passed away in his sleep "Sunday evening 4/12 through Monday 4/13"[2] after receiving confirmation from IndyWolfy's sister. IndyWolfy had been in the hospital with a fever and high blood sugar. He had been bitten by a spider and was also unable to move.[4]

Update to the above it was his boyfriend kiranking007 Indywolfy was bitten by something which caused his leg to swell and caused a lot of pain that lead to indy getting on and off fevers as well as vomiting and diarrhea. Indy was Border lined diabetic and he went a week with out being able to eat before he finally went to a hospital. he was tested for covid 19 prior to checking into the ER and he tested negative the hospital notice his blood sugar was out of line so they kept him 3 days 1st night to stabilize him the second to monitor blood sugar. Indy was given a antibiotic and placed on inject able insulin to control his blood sugar indy had checked into the hospital on 4/6/2020 and released around 4/8/2020. Indywolfy said he was still sore but was begining to feel a bit better and sounded better that Friday. When I talked with Indywolfy's sister Tuesday the day after he passed away she said it was a shock to the whole family since he had been improving heath wise each day since his hospital visit. The hospital retested Indywolfy's blood and they said they found covid In His blood. Indy's family pushed to have an autopsy done and it was determined that Indys cause of death was sudden heart failure. Upon the medical examiner investigation it was found that indy did not have any signs of COVID-19 in his system what so ever and it was determined that the hospital had falsified a COVID-19 case and was forced to retract their news article they had published for Indy. So the official cause of death for Indy was sudden heart failure and he went in his sleep according to what the autopsy had results had shown by the medical examiner to Indy's family.


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