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Defining logo of Indref Ashen, the wing'd rabbit.

Indref Ashen (Indy) is a member of the furry fandom. His fursona is a large winged rabbit, ashen white with golden plumage.


Since joining the fandom in early 2003, Indref has done his best to infiltrate as many places online as possible. He is found on LiveJournal, FurryMUCK, WikiFur, deviantART, Furtopia and Furcadia; all under his simple but unmistakable username, 'indref'. His future endeavours include work on Second Life, as well as a number of writing projects.


Much to his dismay, Indref has found talent and contentment in many a list of pass times and mental practises. His current dabbles are in.

  • Narrative writing, especially that of science fiction, fantasy and of course, furry.
  • Mathematics, such as chaos theory, John Conway's Game of Life, fractals and fractal art as well as mathematical programming.
  • Photographic and pixel art.
  • Programming in Java, Visual Basic, and soon C++
  • Web design, for presentation and informative purposes.

Indref the character[edit]

Indref Ashen, regularly known as Indy, is a Symbian who grew up on Earth through a complex turn of events and, through further such events, came to return to Symbia. He is a lapavine, half rabbit and half bird, male and of unknown age. He stands at 201 cm or 6 feet 3 inches, has a shoulder set wingspan of 489 cm or 16 feet, and is easily recognisable as white with yellow plumage.

Indref was born on Symbia at the time of the Great War against the Enemy, a fight that happened many thousands of years ago between Symbians and an invading extraterrestrial race. During this war was the one and only time Symbia came in contact with Earth until recent years. Symbians managed to port themselves to Earth in an effort to hide, at least temporarily, from the invading forces.

Only a select hundred or so came to Earth. They had come specifically to test a process called Essence Integration. Indref was one of the few who came, and he was posted as a sentry to defend the site. After many days, the site was ambushed and most of the Symbians there were killed, but the remaining few, including Indref, managed to use the Essence Integration process to hide. Because there were no other Symbians to release them from their hiding place, they remained trapped until very recently. Unfortunately, only Indref survived the process.

When Indref was released, he was faced with a strange world of sapien beings, almost devoid of entomnis and a very shattered memory.

Luckily, Indref had already made a friend: Ben, the sapien child that had inadvertently released him. Due to the effects of the Essence Integration process, Ben himself become infused with the entomnis, and even got his own shard. Together, they explored what was new to them, and eventually worked together to return Indref to Symbia. Once done, Indref and Ben have lived "between the blue and green", or between Earth and Symbia, ever since.

Indref's main ace is ace absorption, whereby he can absorb the aces from other Symbians, entomnis, and so forth. He also has an inherent ace of fire, heat and light. His main vice is his emotions, and he will loose control of himself and his aces when sick, tired, angry, bored, or otherwise upset. He also rather likes beetroot.

Once Indref returned to Symbia, he set up shop as a musician and the odd peer. He has since settled down with a feline female called Everiah, and regularly takes her and his new Symbian friends on guides across Earth. Currently Indref and Ben are together working on ways of letting the people of Earth know about Symbia, while on Symbia the people seem luke warm to the information, having known stranger things.

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