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India MUCK was a role-playing MUCK with the theme of the wildlife of India, quadruped but talking. It was later revived as a forum-based RPG called India the RPG.


  • Kalika - HeadWiz/Programming/Building/TPs&FCs/Everything
  • Valli - Everything! || No MUF/MPI.



  • Ankileu - Male Gray Wolf
  • Bela - Female Leopard Cat
  • Damissa - Female Black Leopard
  • Etefushi - Male Juvenile Tiger
  • Kamala - Female Juvenile Gray Wolf
  • Karthik - Male Tiger
  • Kashta - Female Adolescent Gray Wolf
  • Kul - Male Tiger
  • Saraiah - Female Golden Tiger
  • Shirentsu - Female Gray Wolf
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